Revit Architecture


  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Concepts, Revit Architecture User Interface, Terminology
  • Creating, Modifying Levels, Column Grids & Adding, Modifying Walls, Doors & Windows
  • Creating & Modifying Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, Curtain Walls, Stairs & Railings
  • Loading, Adding & Modifying Component Families (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)
  • Creating & Managing Plan, Section, Elevation, & 3D Views, Controlling Visibility of Objects
  • Using Dimensions, Alignments & Constraints to Control Object Positioning
  • Creating Callout, Detailed & Drafting Views & Editing, Annotation & Detailing Tools
  • Creating & Modifying Schedules, Legends & Keynotes
  • Creating Drawing Sheets & Working with Title Blocks, Printing & Publishing Views & Sheets
  • Working with Revit Linked Projects, Creating & Working with Component Groups
  • Working with Mass Shapes for Conceptual Design & Converting to Building Components
  • Creating & Using In-Place Families, Creating & Modifying Parametric & Nested Families
  • Rendering the Model, Creating Sun & Shadow Studies and Walkthroughs

Course Duration: 40 Hrs. /10 Weeks

Course Fee – Registration Fee LKR 2,000.00 + Tuition Fee LKR 49,000.00
Book Cost: (USD)46

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