PTC Creo


  • Graphic User interface of PTC Creo
  • User Interface Enhancements & File Management
  • Sketching Interface
  • Creating Base Features (Extrudes, Revolves, Sweeps, Blends)
  • Pick & Place Features (Rounds, Shell, Drafts)
  • Advanced Modeling Features
  • Feature Operations (Copy, Mirror, Patterns, Redefining)
  • Smart Tools (Relations, Parameters, Family, Tables)
  • View Manger (Simplified Representations, X-sections)
  • Surface Modeling
  • Creating Assemblies, Component Operations & Exploded Views
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Drawings & Detailing Drawings
  • Importing from & Exporting to Different File Types
  • Apply Material, Lights & Rendering

Course Duration: 60 Hrs. /15 Weeks

Course Fee – Registration Fee LKR 2,000.00 + Course Fee LKR 52,000.00

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