ETABS - CADD Centre Lanka



  • Introduction to Structural Analysis and Design using ETABS
  • Modelling of New Model Quick Template
  • Modelling Material Properties
  • Draw Grids, Draw Joint Objects Draw Beam/Column/Brace objects
  • Modelling, Replicate and Extrude through Etabs
  • Edit Frames Divide Frames Joint Frames Reverse Frame Connectivity, Edit Shells
  • Frame, Shell and Joint Property Specifications
  • Loading & Analysis and Load Patterns
  • Concrete Frame Design
  • Steel Frame Design
  • Steel Connection Design
  • Steel Joist Design
  • Detailing
  • Composite Beam Design
  • Introduction to Dynamic Analysis

Course Duration: 40 Hrs. /10 Weeks

Course – Registration Fee LKR 2,000.00 + Course Fee LKR 60,000.00
Book Cost: (USD)47

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