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Session 1

Introduction about graphics, About Vector & Raster images, About Corel Draw New Document – Corel Draw Interface – cument setup – Unit setup – Ruler and Guides, Grid, Curve tools – Free hand, Bezier, Artistic Media, Interactive Connector, Dimension Pen, Polyline, 3 Point curve, Using Status bar; Using Palettes, Pick tool, Navigation tools – Zoom, Hand

Session 2

Drawing tools – Rectangle, 3 point Rectangle, Ellipse, 3 point Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Complex Star, Graph paper, Spiral; Edit Menus – Undo, Redo, Repeat, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste special, Delete, Duplicate Arrange menu – Transformers, Align and Distribute, Order, Group, Ungroup, Ungroup all, Lock , Unlock, Unlock all

Session 3

Drawing tool – Smart drawing; Shapes – Basic Shapes, Arrow shapes, Flow chart, Banner Shapes, Callout shapes; Shape Edit Tool – Shape tool, Smudge Brush, Roughen Brush, Free Transform tool, Editing Tools – Crop, Knife, Erase, Virtual Segment; Type tool, Table Tool, Interactive Tool – Eye dropper, Paint bucket, Outline tools; Arrange menu – Convert to curves, Convert Outline to object, Close path

Session 4

Fill, Interactive fill, Mesh tool, Arrange menu – Combine, Break Apart, Shaping, Edit Menu Symbol and its options

Session 5

Layout Menu – Adding & Removing Page, Page orientation, Page Background, Page setup, Duplicate page
Tools Menu and its options

Session 6

Text Menu – Character Formatting, Paragraph Formatting, Tabs, Columns, Bullets, Drop Cap, Edit text, Insert Symbol character, Insert Formatting code, Fit Text Path, Align to Base, Straighten Text, Paragraph Text Frame, Use Hyphenation and setting, Writing tools, Change case, Text Statistics, Show Non Printing characters; Table – Create new table, Convert text into table, Insert, Select, Delete, Distribute, Merge Cells, Split into Rows, Split into Columns, Unmerge Cells, Convert Table to text

Session 7

Effects Menu [Power Clip, Roll over, Clone & Copy effect, Perspective, Lens effect, Bitmap adjustment], Bitmap Menu [Convert to Bitmap, Cropping, Bitmap, Tracing Bitmap, Color mode, Bitmap Color Mask, Adding 3d effects to Bitmap

Session 8

Tools Menu, Object Manager, Scrap Book, View menu – Simple Wire frame, Wire frame, Draft, Normal, Enhanced, Enhanced with over prints; File – Export, Export for Office, Print, Print Merge, Print preview, Print setup, Publish to Pdf, Publish to Web, Document properties, Creating calendars.

Session 9


Session 10


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