Diploma in Interior Design (DID)


Course Duration: 164 Hours

Course Fee – Registration Fee LKR 2,000.00 + Tuition Fee LKR 150,000.00
Book Cost: (USD)75



  • Basic Design – Basic Design Elements, Design Principles, Spatial Organization
  • Drawing – Drawing Equipment, Lettering, Projections, Free Hand Sketching, Perspective, Shadow & Reflections
  • Building Materials – Stone, Clay Products, Cement, Mortar, Concrete, Timber, Plastics, Glass, Paints, Ferrous, Non-ferrous Metals, Alloys, Gypsum, Asbestos
  • Interior Design Elements – Flooring, Walls, Ceiling, Arches, Lintels, Windows, Doors, Carpentry
  • Human Dimensions – Anthropometry, Accessibility & Barrier Free Codes
  • Building Services – Plumbing, Lighting
  • Design Process – Program Procedures, Activity & Furnishing Requirement, Dimensional Requirement Analysis, Activity Analysis, Furnishing Analyzing, Space Analysis, Dimensional Analysis, Desired Relationships Desired Qualities, Synthesis, Selecting Parts, Generate Ideas, Evaluation & Execution
  • Space Planning
  • Kitchen Design – Planning Stage, Flooring, Lighting, Water Treatment, Plumbing, Sink Center, Wiring, Ventilation, Fire Extinguisher, Cooking Range, Worktop Surface


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