General Quantity Surveying - CADD Centre Lanka

General Quantity Surveying


  • Introduction to Building Planning and Construction
  • Specifications of Works
  • Introduction to Taking-off
  • Centre Line Method Simply Explained
  • Working out quantities for Specific Cases (e.g. Junctions and intersections between different elements, etc.)
  • Working out Quantities of a Single-Story House
  • Working out Quantities of a Two-Story House
  • Rounding off and Estimation for Complex Buildings
  • Rate Analysis
  • Preparing Estimates
  • Material Record and Labour Cost Analysis
  • Analysis of Timber for Construction
  • Analysis of Reinforcement Bars
  • How to use Spread Sheet Formulas for the Quantity Surveying
  • Introduction to Contract Documentation

Course Duration: 64 Hrs. /16 Weeks

Course Fee – Registration Fee LKR 2,000.00 + Course Fee LKR 41,250.00

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